How you can find offbeats for your next challenge:

You sign up as an organization.
You create a new challenge and describe your context. 

Your challenge gets pushed out to suitable Offbeats who then indicate their interest to participate.

Within 72 hours, you get a shortlist of interested Offbeats. You chose your protagonists or you let the OC make the best pick.

Your challenge takes place. This is the time where the idea sex happens.

After the challenge, you & the Offbeat(s) evaluate the collaboration.


During our alpha test phase, the OC is completely free of charge. 

After that, there will be an annual member fee for our member organizations. And as want to enable smaller / non-profit organizations to join the Circle at almost no cost, the fee will depend on your size & type of organization. Somehow, we need to cover the costs for the development & operations of our platform & community. But our goal is to change perspectives, not to suck the money out of you. That's why your membership will enable everyone inside your organization to submit an unlimited amount of challenges at no extra charge. We want to make it attractive to use the OC as often as possible within your organization. .

Can any organization join?

Yes. Any organization can sign up, submit a challenge for free and see if it resonates with our community of Offbeats (as long you're generally doing something legal...). This way, you can quickly find out if the OC is a good fit for your organization - and vice versa. Especially during our alpha phase, we'll help you to design & frame an attractive challenge. After you've ran two successful challenges with the OC, you are invited to join the Circle as a member organization.

How much should you pay the Offbeats?

It depends. The OC follows the logic of a market place. There's supply and demand:

Attractive challenge  => Many Offbeats will want to participate  =>  Higher chances to find your perfect match(es)

Most Offbeats expect you to cover accommodation & travel costs. An additional financial compensation can certainly serve as an incentive. The amount is up to you. But we will also provide guidance how to create an overall experience which is appealing to many Offbeats. And there can be countless incentives: an interesting topic, an attractive audience, encounters with other Offbeats and inspiring leaders from your own organization, a great location, the opportunity to explore places you couldn't find on the lonely planet guide, etc.

Ready to join the alpha phase?

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